My 1:1 Prime Coaching takes my services to the ultimate level. These 3-to-12 month programs offer athletes and parents personalized attention and customized programs to meet your particular needs and goals.

For athletes, my 1:1 Prime Coaching can include weekly in-person or Skype sessions and intensive on-site mental training camps where you learn how to incorporate mental skills directly into your training and competitions. My 1:1 Prime Coaching also includes regular communication and collaboration with parents and coaches to create a truly unique and comprehensive sport training program that ensures maximal physical, technical, and mental preparation.

For parents, my 1:1 Prime Coaching offers you insights into the impact you have your children's athletic and personal lives, useful information about how to be positive, conscious, and active forces in their lives, and practical tools for making healthy changes with your children.

About Dr. Jim Taylor

headshot-15An internationally recognized authority on the psychology of sport and the author of four parenting books, Dr. Jim Taylor has worked with Olympic, professional, collegiate, and junior-elite athletes and their parents around the world. Jim is a former internationally ranked alpine ski racer, 2nd degree black belt in karate, certified tennis coach, sub-three-hour marathoner, and Ironman triathlete. And the father of two young athletes.

"For athletes with big goals, my 1:1 Prime Coaching is aimed at helping you find your own personal greatness and achieve your athletic dreams with individualized attention and specially designed information, skills, and strategies that will prepare you to perform your best when it matters most. For parents who want to maximize the support they give their children, my 1:1 Prime Coaching creates awareness of the messages you send them and helps you ensure that those messages are clear, consistent, and encouraging."

What You’ll Get:

-Weekly in-person or skype sessions.
-Summary notes of each week’s session.
-On-site mental training camps.
-Support for parents and coaches.
-BONUS: Prime Sport mental performance assessment.

Do you have questions? Email or call (415.322.8425).