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Prime Ski Coaching 404:

Psychology of Training Champion Ski Racers

Jim Taylor, Ph.D.

4-Session Coaches Course

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Rave Reviews

“Prime Ski Coaching 404 was a boost to our dedicated staff. Being a teenager is tough - adding the stress of ski racing on top of it must be overwhelming. Jim’s course gives coaches insight into this conundrum and some resources to help athletes navigate the gauntlet.” Eric Harlow, Director of Alpine Programs, Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy

"Prime Ski Coaching 404 has given me the confidence to know that I can help my racers develop into whole athletes whose minds are just as strong as their bodies.  I now feel poised to be a positive leader whose commitment to mental training inspires my athletes to take ownership of their own minds, transforming them from stubborn obstacles into their most powerful tool." Elle Gilbert, U16/U19 coach, Mt. Mansfield Ski Club

"PSC 404 really opened my eyes to how I can make mental training a integral part of my athletes' overall training program. The course offered me practical strategies I can use with them every day. I've already begun mental training with my athletes, including regular imagery sessions and developing routines, and they have really responded to it." FIS head coach

The Mind is the Final Piece of Your Racers' ‘Ski Your Fastest’ Puzzle

You spend a lot of time training your racers physically, technically, and tactically. How much time do you devote to training their minds?

Train your racers to ski their fastest consistently!

 Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you train your racers' minds the way you train their bodies?
  • Is mental training a structured and consistent part of your racers' development program?
  • Do you create a team culture that positively supports your racers' training and race efforts?
  • Is the on-snow training you provide to your racers the best quality possible?
  • Are your racers as mentally prepared as they can be to ski their fastest and achieve their goals on race day?

If you answered ‘NO!’ to these questions (or just want to make your racers mentally stronger than they already are), then I can help.

In Prime Ski Coaching 404, you'll learn five practical ways to incorporate mental training directly into your daily and weekly training plans and to ensure that your racers are mentally prepared to ski their fastest on race day: 

  • Develop a team culture based on healthy values, attitudes, and goals.
  • Build a positive and cohesive staff culture.
  • Create a vocabulary to weave mental training into the fabric of your overall training regimen.
  • Implement a 'gym routine' that ensures maximum effort and begins to strengthen racers' mental 'muscles.'
  • Make mental imagery an essential part of your weekly off-snow training program.
  • Show racers how to use mental tools, such as imagery, routines, and focusing, in their on-snow training.
Enroll Now for Just $279!

About Dr. Jim Taylor

headshot-15Considered the world’s leading authority on the psychology of ski racing, Dr. Jim Taylor has worked with Olympic, World Cup collegiate, and junior-elite racers around the world. He has consulted with most of the leading junior race programs in the U.S. The author of Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer’s Mind, Jim is a former internationally ranked alpine ski racer who competed for Burke Mountain Academy, Middlebury College, and the University of Colorado.

"My new Prime Ski Coaching 404 4-week online coaches course offers you useful information and practical tools to ensure that your racers are as prepared mentally as they are physically and technically to ski your fastest when it matters most."
Enroll Now for Just $279!

What You’ll Get:

  • Four pre-recorded online sessions.
  • Summary notes of each session.
  • Race imagery audio files and imagery program worksheets.
  • Mental training program worksheets.
  • Weekly team talk topics.
  • Lifetime access to private Taylor-Prime Ski Racing Facebook page.
  • BONUS: Receive USSA coaches certification credit.
  • BONUS: Full-length e-book copy of Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer’s Mind.
  • BONUS: Prime Ski Racing iPhone app with mental imagery audio files.

How Prime Ski Coaching 404 Works

The course allows you to attend sessions on-demand and at your own pace (though weekly is recommended to give you time to process the material). The pre-recorded sessions will have video, voice, and powerpoint slides. Attendees will be able to log into the Prime Ski Coaching 404 members-only page where each session can be viewed. The members-only page will also provide downloadable detailed summary notes of each session for further study. And there will be assignments after each session that will reinforce its main ideas. Attendees will be able to ask questions and discuss issues on the private Taylor-Prime Ski Racing Facebook page.

What Prime Ski Coaching 404 Costs?

If we worked together 1:1 for 4 sessions, it would cost you $1800. But with my course, you can gain many of the same benefits for only $279.

On-Demand & Self-Paced

Staff discounts available!

Enroll Now for Just $279!

Note: This course is one of a six-part series exploring the essential role of the mind in ski racing success for athletes, coaches, and parents.

  • Prime Ski Racing 101: Train Your Mind like a Champion (live!)
  • Prime Ski Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance (live!)
  • Prime Ski Racing Mind 303: Developing Championship Attitudes (coming soon)
  • Prime Ski Racing Tips 606: Secrets of Success from the World Cup (coming soon)
  • Prime Ski Coaching 404: Psychology of Training Champion Athletes (live!)
  • Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raising Successful and Happy Athletes (live!)

Have questions or want to learn more? Email or call (415.322.8425).

Prime Ski Racing Guarantee

I’m so confident that, if you follow my Prime Ski Racing 101 online course, you will be 100% satisfied, I’m willing to guarantee it. If you don’t see a change in how you think, feel, and ski after completing the course, you may participate in this Prime Ski Racing 101 course again at no cost until you see the results you want.

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