Prime Sport 101-Intro & Info

Hi there,

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Welcome to Prime Sport 101: Train Your Mind like Champion online mental training course! I’m excited to share my knowledge to help you to become more mentally prepared to  perform your best consistently and achieve your athletic goals.

Before the course begins, there are a number of things you need to know and do.

Course Schedule

The course allows you to attend classes on-demand and at your own pace (though weekly is recommended to give you time to process the material).

Prime Sport Members-only Page

As a part of your registering for the course, you will have lifetime access to the Prime Sport members-only page in which you will find links to each week’s class videos and summary notes Here is the link to register for the page. Once you register, you will need to log in here each time you want to access the page, so please bookmark this link and save your username and password.

Private Prime Sport Facebook Page

Another benefit of registering for the course is lifetime access to the Taylor-Prime Sport private Facebook page within which you can ask questions, chat with others, and share ideas. To join, sign into your Facebook account, click here, and click Join Group. You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been approved.

Prime Sport 101 Mental Training Workbook

Before you begin the course, please download and print the Prime Sport 101 mental training workbook. This workbook provides you with summaries of each class as well as exercises you can complete during and after each class.

Course Bonuses

By registering for the course, you receive a bonus:

  1. pdf copy of my full-length Prime Sport: Triumph of the Athlete’s Mind.

Honor Code

Everything I provide as a part of the Prime Sport 101 online mental training course is intended solely for paid registrants. Please do not share any of the course’s materials with anyone else. To ensure this doesn’t happen, I have taken several precautions. First, I have set a login limit of three times per day for the different private pages. Second, the first time you register, your IP address is recorded and that becomes your personal ‘fingerprint’ identifying who accesses the course’s materials. If evidence emerges that you are misusing the course’s materials, you will be banned from the remainder of the course, de-registered from all course resources, and you will lose your tuition.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns during the course, please feel free to reach out to me. You can easily reach me by calling (415.322.8425) or emailing (


Jim Taylor, Ph.D.
O & M | 415.322.8425