Prime Sport Parenting 505:
Raising Successful and Happy Athletes

Jim Taylor, Ph.D.

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What They're Saying:

"I am so happy I took the Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raise Successful and Happy Athletes online course.  It really helped me define my role as a sport parent.  It helped me to identify red flags in parent/athlete  behavior and really caused me to step back and re-commit to being a sport parent whose main goal is for her child to have the most positive competitive experience.  For any parent who has children in achievement activities I highly recommend this resource.  I refer to it all the time." Sarah Bateman

You are an Essential Piece of Your Children's 'Success and Happiness' Puzzle

You spend a lot of time on your children's athletic parent 2development with teams, coaches, and camps. How much time are you devoting to your crucial role as a sport parent?

Learn how to help your children achieve their athletic and life goals while raising them to be healthy and happy!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you get nervous on game day?
  • Do you get more excited by your kids' athletic successes and more disappointed by their failures than they do?
  • Do you focus on results more than fun?
  • Do your children feel pressure from you to live up to your athletic expectations?

If you answered ‘YES!’ to these questions (or just want to be the best sport parent you can be), then I can help.

Prime Sport Parenting System

Based on my own international athletic experience, decades of working with the world's best athletes and their parents, and my five parenting books, this course educates you in four crucial areas to help you raise successful and happy athletes:

  • Three pillars of successful and happy athletes
  • Five attitudes for athletic success
  • How to send the right messages to your children
  • Dos and don'ts for sport parents

The Prime Sport Parenting System will help you raise young athletes who find success and happiness in their sport as well as in school and life.

Enroll Now for Just $297

About Dr. Jim Taylor

headshot-15An internationally recognized authority on the psychology of sport and parenting, Dr. Jim Taylor is the author of five parenting books and eight sport psychology books, has lectured to and consulted with youth sports organizations and parent groups around the world. Jim is a former internationally ranked alpine ski racer, 2nd degree black belt in karate, marathon runner, and Ironman triathlete. He is also the father of two young athletes.

"My Prime Sport Parenting 505 online course is just what you need. This  course will teach you everything you need to know to be positive, conscious, and active forces in your children's athletic and personal lives. 

parent 1Engaging, appropriately paced, interactive, humorous, positive acceptance of answers—even off-the-wall ones—and, most importantly, very effective and not preachy in his message. I loved it.” 
Kim West, Head of Intermediate School, Canterbury School, Ft. Myers, FL

Enroll Now for Just $297

3 Goals For Your Kids on Game Day:

be prepared 2Ownership: Your kids can say to themselves, “I’m totally prepared to perform their best”

bring itConfidence: Go for it and give their best effort every time."

no regretsEmotional Mastery: After the competition, they can say, “I left it all it all out there.”

“On behalf of the St. Isidore community and parent 3myself, thank you for a wonderful evening. Your information was insightful, thought provoking, and challenging. Your combination of a common-sense approach to parenting, humor, and a clear passion for children made the evening both reassuring & enjoyable. I received a lot of positive feedback from both teachers and parents. My advertising always uses the words enlighten, inspire, and educate and you fit the bill perfectly!”Suzanne Hutchinson, Coordinator, Parent University, St. Isidore School, Danville, CA

Enroll Now for Just $297

What You’ll Get:

  • Four pre-recorded online classes
  • Prime Sport Parenting 505 workbook with summary notes and exercises
  • Lifetime access to private Prime Sport Parenting Facebook forum

How Prime Sport Parenting 505 Works

The course allows you to attend classes on-demand and at your own pace (though weekly is recommended to give you time to process the material). The pre-recorded classes will have video, voice, and powerpoint slides. You will be able to log into the Prime Sport Parenting 505 members-only page where each session can be viewed. The members-only page will also provide a workbook filled with exercises that you can complete during and after each class, plus  summary notes of each  class for further study. And there will be assignments after each session that will reinforce its main ideas. You will be able to ask questions, share experiences and concerns, and discuss issues on the private Taylor-Prime Sport Parenting Facebook page.

What Will the Program Cost?

If we worked together 1:1 for 4 class, it would cost you $1200. But with my exclusive Prime Sport Parenting 505 online course, you can gain many of the same benefits for only $297.

Enroll Now for Just $297

Note: This course is one of a six-part series exploring the essential role of the mind in athletic success for athletes, coaches, and parents.

  • Prime Sport 101: Train Your Mind like a Champion (live!)
  • Prime Sport Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance (live!)
  • Prime Sport Mind 303: Developing Championship Attitudes (coming soon)
  • Prime Sport Tips 606: Secrets of Success from the World's Best Athletes (coming soon)
  • Prime Sport Coaching 404: Psychology of Training Champion Athletes (live!)
  • Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raising Successful and Happy Athletes (live!)

Do you have questions or want to learn more? Email or call (415.322.8425).

Prime Sport Parenting 505 Guarantee

I’m so confident that, if you follow the Prime Sport Parenting online course, you will be 100% satisfied, I’m willing to guarantee it. If you don’t see a change in how you raise your children after completing the course, you may participate in this Prime Sport Parenting course again at no cost until you are satisfied.

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