Prime Sport Training 202:
Total Preparation for Maximum Performance

Jim Taylor, Ph.D.

5-class Mental Training Course

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Rave Reviews from Prime Sport 101

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Prime Sport 101 course.  It has helped me articulate a number of concepts and concerns about me and my sport activities."

"Loving the course! Dr. Jim is brilliant!!"

"Your class is awesome! I think it's so interesting, and I've incorporated a lot of what you've taught and suggested into my own workouts."

"Dr. Jim Taylor’s course Prime Sport 101 provides athletes, coaches, and parents with a toolkit of practices for athletic mental training. The sessions provide detailed information and a challenge for applying it. I highly recommend this course to individuals with any level of athletic achievement or interest in the athlete’s mind. I found the information influencing more than just my thinking in my sport. While the focus is on athletic performance, many of the insights apply to life."

"Everyone should take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve mentally."

"The strength of this course is Dr. Taylor, his expertise, and personal interest in athletes."

"It was awesome and I learned a lot!!"

From post-course survey:

Would recommend Prime Sport 101 to others: 90%

Rated "outstanding” for the overall course, content, and style: 92%

Training is the Foundation of Athletic Success

You spend a lot of time on your physical conditioning and technical development. The effort, focus, and intensity you put into your training determines how you progress as an athlete and whether you achieve your sport goals.

Are you getting the most out of your conditioning and sport training efforts?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are improving as fully and quickly as you would like?
  • Do you get the most out of your training?
  • Are your efforts consistent with your goals?
  • Do you engage in quality training from start to finish of every workout and every training session?

If you answered ‘NO!’ to these questions (or just want to make your training better than it already is), then I can help.
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Prime Sport Training 202

Based on my own international athletic experience and decades of working with the world's best athletes, Prime Sport Training 202 helps you improve the quality of your training in five ways:
  • Have a healthy attitude that keeps you motivated through the inevitable ups and downs of training.
  • Use mental training in your conditioning program.
  • Maximize your sport training efforts.
  • Incorporate mental training into your sport training.
  • Transfer your training gains to great performances in competitions.

You'll also learn to use important mental tools to maximize the benefits of your training: 

  • Experiment and get out of your comfort zone in training.
  • Use focus, intensity, imagery, routines, breathing, and mindsets to raise the quality of your conditioning and sport training.
  • Cope effectively with adversity and frustration.
  • Train like you compete so you can compete like you train.
  • Own every aspect of your training.
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About Dr. Jim Taylor


Considered a leading authority on the psychology of sport, Dr. Jim Taylor has worked with professional, Olympic, collegiate, and junior-elite athletes around the world. The author of Prime Sport: Triumph of the Athlete's Mind, Jim is a former internationally ranked alpine ski racer, 2nd degree black belt in karate, sub-three-hour marathoner, and 2-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

"My new Prime Sport  Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance 5-class mental training course is just what you need. This  course will teach you everything you need to take your training to a new level and to be mentally prepared to perform your best when it matters most."

Dr. Taylor had a huge impact on the Stanford Wrestling season. It was the most successful season in program history and his work definitely contributed to that success.” Kerry McCoy, former Head Coach, Stanford University Wrestling Team; Two-time Olympian

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3 Training Goals You Want to Achieve:


Total focus on what you're working on to improve.




  Intense effort in everything you do in your training.




Consistency from the start to finish of every training performance and every training session.




“Dr. Jim Taylor approaches the topic of sport psychology from a no-nonsense perspective that makes sense the first time you hear it. The science of psychology can be tough to apply to real life since the mind is so much more complex than we currently understand. But Jim’s approach moves beyond our lack of understanding and makes what we do know work for us in our lives and sports training today.” Clyde Wilson, Ph.D., Director, Health and Performance Sciences, Sports Medicine Institute, Palo Alto, CA
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What You’ll Get:

  • Five pre-recorded online classes.
  • Prime Sport Training 202 workbook with summary notes and exercises.
  • Lifetime access to private Prime Sport Facebook page.
  • BONUS: Full-length e-book copy of Prime Sport: Triumph of the Athlete Mind.

How Prime Sport Training 202 Works

The course allows you to attend classes on-demand and at your own pace (though weekly is recommended to give you time to process the material). The pre-recorded classes have video, voice, and powerpoint slides. Attendees will be able to log into the Prime Sport Training 202 members-only page where each class can be viewed. The members-only page will also provide the downloadable Prime Sport Training 202 workbook that includes summary notes and exercises for each class.  Attendees will be able to ask questions and share experiences on the private Taylor-Prime Sport Facebook page. 

What Prime Sport Training 202 Costs?

If we worked together 1:1 for 5 weeks, it would cost you $2260. But with my this course, you can gain many of the same benefits for only $347.

On-Demand & Self-Paced

Team discounts available and coaches attend for FREE when at least 15 athletes enroll!

Enroll Now for Just $347!

Note: This course is one of a six-part series exploring the essential role of the mind in sport success for athletes, coaches, and parents.

  • Prime Sport 101: Train Your Mind like a Champion (live!)
  • Prime Sport Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance (live!)
  • Prime Sport Mind 303: Developing Championship Attitudes (coming in 2018)
  • Prime Sport Tips 606: Secrets of Success from the World's Best Athletes (coming in 2019)
  • Prime Sport Coaching 404: Psychology of Training Champion Athletes (live!)
  • Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raising Successful and Happy Athletes (live!)

Have questions or want to learn more? Email or call (415.322.8425).

Prime Sport Training 202 Guarantee

I’m so confident that, if you follow my Prime Sport Training 202 online course, you will be 100% satisfied, I’m willing to guarantee it. If you don’t see a change in how you think, feel, train, and compete after completing the course, you may participate in Prime Sport 101 and Prime Sport Training 202 again at no cost until you see the results you want.

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