Welcome to Taylor Prime Performance!

Hello, I’m Dr. Jim Taylor and  welcome to Taylor Prime Performance! My goal is to provide you with opportunities to learn more about the psychology of sport and sport parenting and to create a mental “toolbox” that you can use to help you or your children achieve their athletic goals.

At TaylorPrimePerformance.com, you will find a variety of resources you can use to strengthen your mental “muscles” or support your children as athletes. These resources include:

  • Free e-books.
  • Free Prime Ski Racing iPhone app.
  • Online courses for athletes, athletes, and parents..
  • 1:1 mental coaching for athletes and parents: these exclusive programs are designed for those who want personalized attention and individualized plans to maximize their mental preparation.

Please email (jim@drjimtaylor.com) or call (415.322.8425) me if I can help in any way.

Photo credits: All photos on this web site are from Mitchell Gunn with permission.

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